Midwest Museum of American Art building in Elkhart, Indiana

          Midwest Museum of American Art

Welcome to the Midwest Museum of American Art's website. The Midwest Museum of American Art is located in the center of downtown Elkhart, Indiana in a beautifully renovated neo-classical style bank building. The Midwest Museum of American Art is a showcase of the 19th and 20th century American Art, with original paintings by Grandma Moses and Norman Rockwell. Along with the original Norman Rockwell the Midwest Museum houses a large collection of hand signed lithographs by this famous American artist. In all, the permanent collection numbers over 6,000 works with approximately 900 on display at any time during the year.


Click Here for a superb article of the Midwest Museum running away with the Circus featured in the "In the Bend" edition of the South Bend Tribune  




We are featured in the Elkhart Truth's community blog "Art Sense" by Steve Gruber.
"Midwest Museum of American Art: A Public Treasure"

"Midwest Museum of American Art's 37th Juried Regional an Amazing Array of Art in Elkhart"

 Look for the article in the South Bend Tribune 

"Without exception, the 37th Elkhart Juried Regional Exhibit is of Professional Caliber"



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