January Events

“Arcimboldo: Nature & Fantasy”, (30 min)   1/26/2016

This film looks back in time to a precursor of  Surrealism, the paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, that dazzled the courts of Europe. His imaginative combinations of fruits, vegetables, & flowers create allegorical portraits of emperors and witty caricatures of their courtiers. His paintings reveal the mind of an artist deeply influenced by the new discoveries in new worlds during the Age of Exploration. 

The Monster Roster & The Hairy Who   1/5/2017

The history of Chicago art in the 20th Century is a colorful collection of challenging personal visions that embraced difficult, and at times, odd influences including l’Art Brut, a term coined by French artist Jean Dubuffet, Outsider or Primitive art, drawings by children, and art of ethnographic origins.

Defining Surrealism   1/12/2017

Beginning in 1922-24, a series of exhibits, a manifesto, and an unusual group of both Americans and European artists delve into the subconscious world of dreams. The work of Sigmund Freud & Carl Jung become important touchstones for these artists. Surrealism was the most powerful influence in 20th Century art and still pervades the realm of art in the 21st Century.

Women Artists of the 20th Century    1/19/2017

Curator Brian Byrn continues to explore the three special exhibits by highlighting important works by women in the 20th Century from the MMAA Permanent Collection.

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