New Exhibitions

An Artist's Still Life

Selected Works from the Permanent Collection Covering 100 Years of American Art

The Midwest Museum of American Art is pleased to present an exciting look inside the museum’s permanent collection at works never before seen. “An Artist’s Still Life” is an exhibit of seventy pieces by 56 artists featuring paintings, drawings, and prints depicting inanimate objects by artists who have worked over the past 100+ years in America. The exhibit opens on Friday, April 3 and will continue on view through the museum’s 36th Anniversary and conclude on Sunday, July 12.

The exhibition will present images of classic still life subject matter— common place objects such as plants, vegetables, fruit, dishes, vases and bottles. In these instances the artist has chosen the subjects for the sake of qualities such as form, color, texture, and composition. In other cases, the still life theme will present more metaphorical or allegorical approaches as to the artist’s intentions. Cakes and sweets for example may be the perfect stand-in for everything one desires. Some themes are further stretched into contemporary times and result in questions about social and political viewpoints. Various 20th Century styles or movements besides realism are thus depicted in the exhibit such as Cubism, Pop Art, Narrative Art, and abstraction that should serve to expand the viewer’s imagination.