New Exhibitions

Gardens, Rivers, & Lakes: The American Landscape of Leisure

The Midwest Museum of American Art is pleased to present a celebration of nature in paintings, drawings, and lithographs by artists represented in the permanent collection-over ninety percent of the works have never been exhibited.

The exhibition will feature a variety of approaches to the subject of landscape as witnessed, described, or idealized by artits of regional or national renown, both living and from the past. Some artists who are represented present landscape as a specific places that recalls an experience expressed as a beautiful or transcendent moment in time. Others represent the topic of the land as a cultivated, civilized, or otherwise inhabited "Arcadia". This approach invites the viwer to reflect on how modern life has altered our perception of the idea of wilderness as it has become a vanishing ideal in our shrinking global society. Strill others look at the land and describe the flora up close, traveling no further than their own cultural backyard to portray a garden, manicured hedge row, or plowed field. The viewer thus becomes a tourist in the activity of looking at this artwork.

This exhibit opens on Friday, Aprl 4, and continues on view through the museum's 35th Anniversary and concludes on Sunday, July 13.