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September/October 2005 Newsletter

Late 20th Century Prints
By Major American Artists

The Midwest Museum of American Art is pleased to present an exhibition of contemporary graphics from its permanent collection in conjunction with the Mary Jane McClain collection. "Late 20th Century Prints by Major American Artists" will consist of 35 lithographs, color etchings, woodcuts, and silkscreen prints by 32 artists who have received international recognition for their work. Included will be prints by Jennifer Barlett, Roger brown, Mark DiSuvero, Eric Fischl, brice marden, Ed Pashke, Susan Rothenberg, David Salle, Pat Steir, Andy Warhol, and William T. Wiley to name but a few. The exhibit open Friday, September 23 and continues through Sunday, October 14, 2005.

Focused on the last two decades of the 20th Century, this exhibit will demonstrate the wide array of styles, movements, and/or art press terminology of the period. Included will be examples of Photo Realism, Neo-Expressionism, Post-Pop, Post-Minimalism, Chicago Imagism, and Neo-Geo to name but a few. Some of the artists represented by graphic works in this show are actually recognized for their paintings or sculptures. These artists like thousands of others realized value of spreading their ideas across a broader marketplace by the use of printmaking media. Most employed the use of the Master Printmaker within the professional atelier circuit. By working in concert with these Master Printmakers in university graduate school art departments, many more collectors and institutions have been able to acquire and preserve art of the Post Modern world.

Some critics have bemoaned the fact that contemporary prints are like the "trading cards" of the art world with new collectors only consumed by collecting names. On the other hand, printmakers who have only made prints and were not painters, have received more recognition than ever before during this 20-year period. Artists like Karen Kunc or Steven Sorman have made their reputations by creating large scale, unique, in some cases, multi layered prints; expressing their artist visions while utilizing their technical skills in the field. Universities have always been the main location of serious printmaking activity since 1945, however; it is estimated that America has today nearly 200 Master Printshops outside of the university realm. In addition, it is estimated that over 600 commercial galleries handle prints for distribution from approximately 150 print publishers.

"Late 20th Century Prints by Major American Artists" will examine not only the aesthetics of the day but be a "close-up" for visitors trying to understand the business of the art world print market.

MEMBERS, GUESTS, and ARTISTS are invited to attend the OPENING RECEPTION for the "27th ELKHART JURIED REGIONAL" Friday Evening, October 21, 2005 from 7:00 to 9:00pm


The Largest Awards Show in the State!

The 26th Elkhart Juried Regional exhibition opens on Friday, October 15, and will continue through Sunday, November 28, 2005. This year the total awards to be given to artists will be $20,600, with the $1,200 Best of Show Award donated in memory of the late Alice Skoglund. A special Memorial Purchase Award in honor of Mary Feddersen for Photography sponsored by the Ron & Connie Minzey and Stuart & Paula Barb of Elkhart. Another special Memorial Purchase Award in honor of Dr. June Conner will be made for the first time this year sponsored by family and friends. The museum Staff and Trustees are grateful to these individuals for assisting in the growth of the collection while honoring the memory of these loved ones.

In addition to the above families and organization, many individuals and corporations help to make the Elkhart Juried regional the largest (monetary awards) competition of its kind including the following Purchase Award Sponsors: Jennifer & Mark Abrell, Muncie; Tom & Dottie Arnold, Elkhart; Baker & Daniels, Elkhart; Banks Corporation, Elkhart; Liz and Tom Borger, Elkhart; Dr. Terry Bryant and Dr. Liz Elliott, Elkhart; Dr. Rick and Cindy Burns, Elkhart; Drs. Daniel and Linda Burns, Elkhart; Kathy & Rachel Bollero, Elkhart; Mr. & Mrs. Edward Chester, Elkhart, IN; Jack and Karen Cittadine, Elkhart; Todd & Christine Cornell, Elkhart; Stan and June Disher, Edwardsburg; Craig & Connie Fulmer, Elkhart; Dr. Brian & Summer King, South Bend; Tim & Robyn Loughran, Granger; Dr. Wesley Mark and Dr. Mary Harder, South Bend; David & Cynthia Marks, Elkhart; Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shultz, Granger; Warrick & Boyn, Elkhart; Robert Weed Plywood Corporation, Bristol; Bradley Vite Fine Arts, Elkhart.

Merit Awards this year will include the William Leighton Batten Award for Sculpture; D& M Glass Corporation; and the Elkhart Junior Women’s Club. (*This exhibition is graciously sponsored by LAKE CITY BANK)

LEGACY - A Tradition Lives On
An exhibition of Realist paintings & sculpture - Continues through September 18

Midwest Museum Fundraiser for Library & Archives at the Elkhart Civic Theatre - "Bell, Book & Candle"…….

The Midwest Museum will host a fundraiser at the Elkhart Civic Theatre to benefit the museum’s Von der Heide Library Fund. The performance of the comedy, "Bell, Book, & Candle" will be held on Thursday evening, September 15 at 7:30pm. Tickets will be sold at the Midwest Museum for $10.00 each.

This bewitching tale of love and romance takes place in New York City during the holiday season. Gillian Holroyd (Talashia Keim Yoder) is alone with nothing but her magical powers and beloved cat to keep her company. Upon meeting a charming publisher, Sheperd Henderson (Lance Gill), she casts a spell over him. He falls in love with her and wants to marry her. This whirlwind romance is doomed since witches cannot fall in love. Rounding out the cast in this classic American comedy that promises to leave you spellbound until the end are Gillian’s eccentric aunt, Queenie (Geneele Crump-Campagnoli), her mischievous younger brother, Nicky Holroyd (Dave Kemper), and famed occult expert, Sidney Redlitch (Paul Hanft).
Help support your museum by attending this performance! Call the museum for more information or tickets at 293-6660. Tickets are on a first-come/first-serve basis. No reserved seating.

Recent Acquisitions

Since the publication of the first Catalogue of the Permanent Collection, the Midwest Museum has received 50 new works. This raises the number of total works to just over 2,000 pieces. Significant holdings of contemporary works on paper have resulted along with a growing collection of Wallace Nutting photographs.

Works that have been given to the MMAA permanent collection include, "October Moon", c. 1990, opaque watercolor mounted to panel, by Gerry Metz (b. 1943- ), a gift from Dr. Richard Thomason, Streamwood, IL. Other gifts include, "Steppin’ Out", cut paper collage, by Susan Lehman (b.1941- ), a gift from the artist, Elkhart, IN; an important work entitled, "Portrait of a Woman", oil on canvas, by Robert Brackman (1898-1980), gift of Dixie C. Yoder, Elkhart, IN, In Memory of Worth N. Yoder & Son, Grant N. Yoder; 4 works by California artists, gift of Christiana Smith Graham, Fullerton, CA; 29 works by important contemporary American artists, gift of Dr. Steven Conant, Indianapolis, IN; and finally, 13 Wallace Nutting photographs along with 8 books on or by Nutting, gift of Bill & Pat Myers, Elkhart, IN. Many thanks to all.

Membership is more than getting something for your money…..
Membership at the Midwest Museum is a vote of support for all and confidence in one of only 8 American Art institutions in the country! As a Public Trust, MMAA has acquired over 2,000 works of art, created or hosted over 300 temporary exhibits, sponsored educational programs for all ages, and preserved a valuable cultural history for over 26 years.

Membership Benefits include: FREE unlimited access to the museum and special exhibits for a year, volunteer opportunities, invitations to special events, 6 MMAA Newsletters, discounts in the Museum Shop, access to the Museum Library & Archives, and more!


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